Short Film - Frater

Frater (2024) - Coming soon

Short film written and directed by Valentin Guiod. Produced by Birth Films. Worldwide sales by Eroin Films.

In the middle of summer, while moving out, Tom finds a family picture. At only ten years old, as the fantasy world of childhood seems to vanish before his eyes, Tom falls back into repressed memories. His recollection grows into a heartrending portrait of the family he once idealized.

Bordeaux European Short Film Festival 2024 - Official competition
Mamers European Film Festival 2024  - Official competition
Ciclope Film Festival 2023 - Best short film finalist

Director : Valentin Guiod
Scriptwriter : Valentin Guiod
Production : BIRTH
Producers : Hugo Legrand-Nathan et Hana Mekacher
Casting : Timéo Mahaut, Jay Delage, Jeanne Lepers, Guillaume Pottier
Image : Patrick Golan
Musique Originale : Clémence Ducreux
Year of production : 2023
Duration : 22 minutes
Country : France
Language : Français
Format : 1,66 : 1 - 5.1
Mediums : 35 mm, 16 mm, Digital, DV