Buchanan's - The Spirit of The 200% (2023)

Global TV and digital campaign with Marcello Hernandez, Kids of Immigrants and NuevaYorkinos.


Director: Valentin Guiod
1st AD : Tito Salomé
Director of Photography : Arnau Valls
Production : Birth
Producer & CEO : Hugo Legrand-Nathan
Producer: Hugo Besson
Executive Production : Jacaranda Films (Mexico)
Production Designer : Luciano Lasca
Stylist : Fernando Tabaré Capurro Suarez
Post-production : Bliss
Head of post-production : Pau López
Post-producer : Maria Soler
Post-producer : Mateo Lahais
Music : King Doudou

Advertising agency : CPG Group
Creative Director : Mila Bengoa
Creative Director : Carlos Cervantes Lopez Lira
Senior Producer : Sloan Schroader
Producer : Janell Faraj