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About me

Valentin Guiod is French writer, director and editor. He studied at the National School of Applied Arts Olivier de Serres in Paris and at The University of the Arts in London. First grown as an art director in advertising at adam&eve in London, working with world-class brands, he jumped to filmmaking as an essential part of his vernacular. Driven by his love of rhythm and creating images, he now develops stories for music videos, commercials, collages, and cinema.

BA Graphic Design _____ ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres
MA Advertising ________ London College of Communication (UAL)


D&AD _______________________ Shortlist __________ Best Direction & Best Production Design for Breathtaking __________ 2023
Shark Awards _______________ Shortlist _________Best Casting & Best Cinematography for Breathtaking _____________ 2023
UKMVA _____________________ Winner __________Best Production Design for Breathtaking __________________________ 2023
Ciclope Festival ____________Shortlist _________Best director & Best new director ________________________________2022
One Point Four 1.4 __________ Shortlist _________Best music video for Breathtaking ________________________________ 2022
One Point Four 1.4 __________ Shortlist _________Best animation for Twitch _______________________________________2021
Club des DA _______________Winner ___________Best design for Audemars Piguet _________________________________ 2021
Club des DA _______________Shortlist __________Best editing for Adidas ___________________________________________ 2020

Rep _____ Birth                                   Agent _____ Adéquat
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